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Timeshare School will not only provide you with insight on what you will experience during a timeshare or travel club presentation and how you can take timeshare and trave club tours and make money, get free tickets and what to say to get in and out and back to your vacation. But also what you can do if you were lied to and tricked into purchasing that perfect vacation plan, only to find out you are stuck with a money pit that is never full.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


OPC - OPC's are Off Property Contacts, which means they are salespeople who work in tourists areas offering free gifts in exchange for 90 minutes of your time for a no obligation sales presentation.
 It may be show tickets, motel stays or cash money. Each OPC has a budget limit, if his budget is 175 dollars and he gets your business by offering you 60 dollars in show tickets, he will make an extra $115. The more you say no, the more they will offer to get you to the presentation.
 He will take a $35 commission on the chance that you will purchase at the resort, giving him a bonus.
You will find these people will say anything to get you to the presentation, they will tell you all you have to do is say NO at the end of the ninety minutes and you will be awarded your free gifts and life will be good. Wrong, if the resort or travel club decides to keep you for three hours they can. If at any time you decide to leave before they are through with you. You forfeit your gifts and any deposit you paid. If your gift was a couple of nights in motel, you will be charged for the full price of the room.

Some OPC's will tell you what to say so you can get through the tour faster, then you can come back to them and they will book you another tour. If this second, or third resort finds out you have taken multiple tours the will NQ (Not Qualified) you and deny your gifts. 

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