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Thursday, July 4, 2013


If you have been on a timeshare or travel cub presentation you have heard the line, "you have to make a yes or no decision today."

They will tell you the special offer is only good for today, it's the law, just like JC Penny cannot sell you an item at sale price the day after their famous "JC Penny White Sale".

The reason JC Penny will not give you sale price after their White Sale is they don't have to. The timeshare salesman needs to get it in your mind that you have to make a choice today, and they use our natural greed mode to get us to buy it today.

They will tell you the offer is only good today and will throw in some tasty sounding benefits. But trust me if you walked out of there and came back tomorrow you would end up with the same deal. They will have a good excuse while you're getting yesterdays deal, today.

It comes down to two reasons they want you to buy today, if you leave you will no longer be under the "ether", they count on you being star struck with the luxury that could be yours, Number two, they don't want you googling the resort. You will find complaints from owners and other people who have been on tour.

No matter what you say, they will try and convince you to buy it today. How you say it depends on how long you will be there. If you tell them you have "to think about it" that drives them nuts, and will actually upset the salesperson. His manager will say he didn't do his job if you have to think about it. So they will keep you there for hours pounding on you until they wear you down.

Think before you buy. If you want a timeshare, you will find them for sale dirt cheap online.

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