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Timeshare School will not only provide you with insight on what you will experience during a timeshare or travel club presentation and how you can take timeshare and trave club tours and make money, get free tickets and what to say to get in and out and back to your vacation. But also what you can do if you were lied to and tricked into purchasing that perfect vacation plan, only to find out you are stuck with a money pit that is never full.

Timeshare School The Book will be out very soon, you will be able to order a digital copy from this website or a hard copy from various internet sites.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013


Telephone Bookings – You may receive a phone call stating you won a free trip to a vacation spot. These usually happens after you signed up for a chance to win a new car or home or countess other giveaways. These chances are designed to get your contact information and for the companies to get around the “No Call” law. They sometimes will take a couple of hundred dollars deposit, refunded after you attend a presentation. Beware and understand what you are buying. The caller will make you believe you will be staying at the resort in luxury and comfort. This is very very rare. I have never known a timeshare actually put a prospective client in one of their units. They want you in a crummy motel room. That way while you are on tour they will use the close as you can keep vacationing in run down motel rooms or own your own condo. It doesn’t matter what the telephone person told you about where you were staying, they get paid if you show. They will have your credit card number before you see anything in writing about your accommodations.

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