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Timeshare School will not only provide you with insight on what you will experience during a timeshare or travel club presentation and how you can take timeshare and trave club tours and make money, get free tickets and what to say to get in and out and back to your vacation. But also what you can do if you were lied to and tricked into purchasing that perfect vacation plan, only to find out you are stuck with a money pit that is never full.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013


You are planning a vacation, everything costs more. Whether it’s music shows or plays or amusement parks the prices have skyrocketed. So a lot of people will attend timeshare and travel club presentations to offset the high costs related to vacationing.
There isn’t anything wrong with this, there just are a few pitfalls you can avoid so your vacation isn’t ruined because of an abusive salesperson.
The timeshare and travel club salespeople are a different breed. They make big money by convincing prospects to purchase their product while you are there TODAY. The salespeople do not believe in be-backs. They know if you have time to check out the company on the internet you will see the complaints other people have had after buying at their resort. Or you will have time to cool off after becoming excited at what they show you. That’s why on a timeshare tour they always save the most premier unit until the very last. They want you excited and dreaming of spending future vacations in the luxurious unit they have shown you.
Be prepared for the salesperson to be your best friend, then at the end when you turn down their offer they will turn on you in a second. Telling you, that you have purposely wasted their valuable time, and you are a mooch. Don’t let this make you feel bad. The salespeople forget, if you and others like you did not take these tours, they wouldn’t have a job. In the tourist area’s off-season they will beg for any tour. The resorts know that at least one out of ten prospective clients will buy, and will buy today. That keeps them in business, they will spend on the average $350 dollars marketing to get you in. So ten clients means they have spent approximately $3500. But with one sale they made anywhere from $8000 to $45,000. Not a bad return on their investment. The resorts know that they need nine “no’s” to get that “yes.” And because the salespeople are on commission, they don’t care who sells and who doesn’t. Granted if a sales rep goes through thirty tours and no sales, he or she will be selling at a competitor tomorrow.

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